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As a large nationwide property management company, using the TIM app allows our PM’s to be more efficient completing reports. Asset inspections can now be completed on site in real-time, allowing managers to read the data instantly.


Suzanne Longworth, RMG - Head of Business Support

Commercial Property & FM inspections mobile app
An app designed specifically for the facilities and property management sectors

Replace paper forms and improve communication with a single solution

Say goodbye to paper-based inspections. Our innovative checklists help standardise reporting, optimise performance and reduce risks. The result? Improved safety and compliance.

Supercharge performance & productivity

Transform inspection processes and produce instant, detailed PDF reports. Let go of repetitive admin tasks such as manual data entry into spreadsheets and focus on the important inspection details instead.

property inspection mobile app
safety inspection property checklist inspection app

Checklists that can be adapted to your way of inspecting

With 38 customisable digital checklists to choose from, you can inspect, photograph and report on any type of property or asset. Swiftly assign actions to colleagues and keep everything in sync, with one easy-to-use app.

Designed to improve accuracy, identify areas for improvement and save time

Easily record issues within your property portfolio and assets and instantly assign actions to specific users. Real-time data (including annotated time-stamped photos and other key insights) will streamline and speed up your reporting.

Carry out inspections faster with the The Inspection Manager app, online and offline

Produce two reports from one inspection!

Not only does TIM deliver a brilliantly clear report, but any flagged issues are recorded in a separate 'corrective actions' report. Instantly emailed to the relevant team so they can implement the necessary changes... while the dashboard lets you keep track of issues right through to resolution.

property inspection mobile app

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