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Is FM Technology Your New Best Friend?

Technology can transform facilities management (FM), helping you save on costs and drive efficiencies.


For many businesses and organisations, their three main expenses are:


  • Employees
  • Technology
  • Facilities


However, in the rush to recruit talent and keep up with new technology, organisations can end up overlooking their facilities.


But embracing technology through digital transformation should extend beyond organisational and customer-facing functions. It should also include the vital, physical infrastructure that keeps a company running.


What Makes Facilities Matter?

The facilities of a building represent its engine room. Facilities ensure a safe and efficient working environment.


They support productivity and business objectives. They help to embody the brand values of an organisation. Facilities are a crucial means of attracting and retaining top talent.


In fact, with the growth of hybrid working, post-pandemic, facilities are taking on an even greater significance.


Not only must they be safe, secure and suitable but also adaptable. But to maximise your facilities, you need constant and clear visibility of them. Data provides this visibility.


The Importance of Data in FM

One of the most crucial ways in which organisations can use facilities to support change and provide a more flexible working environment is through data.


Having reliable, up-to-date information enables organisations to take a constructive and proactive approach to facilities management.


Buildings require regular maintenance as well as being readily adaptable for alternative uses and ways of working. Data provides clear visibility about the conditions of the fabric and accommodation of a building.


It helps to identify weaknesses or problems and assess things like energy consumption and population concentration.


The more accurate and immediately up to date this data is, the more facilities managers can rely on it for decision making.


What Do Facilities Managers Need?

Buildings grow old. This puts pressure on systems such as heating, air conditioning and ventilation.


The key to ensuring these systems are fit for purpose is in planning properly for when their lifespans come to an end. Knowing which systems can be adapted or will need modernising or replacing is vital for sound facilities management.


The only reliable way of knowing these things is by collecting the necessary data and assessing it.


This puts inspection at the heart of good building maintenance and overall facilities management and planning.


Along with monitoring and managing these systems, facilities managers must ensure buildings can readily adapt to new systems, such as computer networks.


Again, inspection and assessment are essential for this.



How Tech Supports FM

You could see technology as something that throws up barriers or obstacles to overcome in facilities management.


But just as technology places demands on workplace management, it can also provide significant support for facilities managers.


The Inspection Manager is a mobile device app for property and facilities management, that streamlines the inspection processes and eliminates the need for paperwork. With excellent cloud base connectivity, it lets FMs record and report crucial evidence. They can then act decisively on this data.


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