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Are You Ready for the Tech Revolution in Facilities Management?

According to the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) facilities management (FM) is investing more time and resources into digital tech and mobile device apps.

The RICS survey indicates an increasing demand for FM services across various sectors. These include healthcare, manufacturing and education.

Partly in response to this demand, FM providers are looking for digital solutions to streamline processes, which will increase efficiency and productivity.

So, in what ways can FM use technology to improve systems and processes

Opportunities and Challenges

Digital technology (apps) can make the life of a facilities manager that much easier. Carrying out asset inspections using a mobile device, retiring the paper – based process completely.

Streamlining operations helps you win back valuable time, which can be diverted to more critical, strategic activities.

Technology gives you better access to improved data. This helps with decision-making, providing accurate insights into customers’ needs and pain points.

These opportunities present a future that transforms the role of facilities manager and the scope of this whole area of work.

The challenges come with how willing and well, facilities managers adapt to change and adopt technology to help them with this.

As new technology becomes more widespread, so there will be greater connectivity between buildings, infrastructure and crucial job roles.

At the same time, shifts in the workplace towards concepts such as hybrid working will put new pressures on facilities management. Technology can alleviate these pressures.

What are the Broad Types of Digital Technology Impacting FM?

There are gateway technologies that are already in use in the sector.

These include:

BMS control things like a building’s ventilation, heating and lighting. CAFM enable facilities managers to get an overview of systems and processes. BIM is used at the construction and refurbishment phase in a building’s lifespan to plan its infrastructure. IWMS help companies optimise their workplace resources.

In addition, increasing automation enables facilities managers to carry out tasks more consistently, cheaply, safely and accurately.

Artificial intelligence (AI) goes hand in hand with this, taking automation into new areas of activity.

Some of these involve soft automation, where the interface with customers is increasingly technology-led.

Another vital aspect of the tech revolution in FM is the use of analytics. Analytics provides visibility and clarity around patterns in datasets and relationships between different things. They provide insights that help people make informed decisions.

Practical Technology on the Job

Technology can only transform FM if it is practical. It needs to be user-friendly, with functions that enhance and support how people work.

One such example is the Inspection Manager app. TIM lets out-in-the-field workers complete inspections in real – time and report back to colleagues and clients within minutes of completing the inspection — streamlines operations, takes paperwork out of the equation and drives efficiency and safety in FM.

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