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34% are Looking at FM Software: Will You Be Joining Them?

According to global research, 34% of businesses are considering buying software to improve building and facilities management.


For these companies, the business case for integrated workplace management systems is compelling.


But there’s a further factor to consider. If 34% of firms are thinking along these lines, should you be joining them?


Or, put it another way: is facilities management apps and software something you can afford to ignore?



The Case for Automated Facilities Management


The population of cities is set to grow exponentially, with the World Bank predicting that nearly 70% of the world’s population will live in cities by 2050.


This will put enormous pressure on the infrastructure of these cities. There will also be increased demands on the buildings this growing population will work and live in. These smart cities will depend on well-planned and interconnected facilities, buildings and communications.


But the smart city isn’t some far-off vision of the future. It’s happening right now. With the spread of the internet of things (IoT) and the need for green technology, cities are preparing to accommodate smart vehicles and energy-efficient solutions.


Automated building control systems include:


  • Automated HVAC systems
  • Sensors that detect empty rooms
  • Zonal temperature adjustments
  • Occupancy details for different parts of a building
  • Air quality monitoring
  • Lighting control.


Meanwhile, the way people work is changing and becoming more flexible. The pandemic has accelerated a trend that was already well underway. In the UK, flexible working options are enshrined in law.


This poses another challenge for facilities managers. Workspaces need to be sustainable but also adaptable to shifting working requirements.


This has implications for workspace layout, ventilation and energy consumption.


In the smart building, much of its control will be automated. But there will always be a requirement to oversee this sophisticated infrastructure with dedicated facilities management.



The Human Factor


Software provides the necessary tools for facilities management to control intelligent building networks.


This is where the human factor is critical. Despite automation and smart technology, it is people who must manage facilities. They need intuitive, responsive and reliable tools at their disposal.


The Inspection Manager (TIM) is one such advanced tool. It’s a mobile app designed to streamline building inspections and facilities management. TIM provides cloud-based templates that users can access via mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones.


It eliminates the need for paper forms and speeds up the whole inspection and reporting process. Users can record and report corrective actions required in an instant.


You can sync all digital inspection information to your database, including dates, times, GPS-stamped photographs, ensuring comprehensive and up-to-date facilities management records.


TIM offers ways of improving your processes and procedures right now. It also helps to future-proof your facilities for the future and the age of the smart building.


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