User Guide

How to use The Inspection Manager app

Starting a report

Tap on the template, type in the report reference (site name – dept name) then SAVE!

How to answer questions

Tap on the ‘open questions’ and choose a status, when answered tap on the ‘Blue >’ to move to the next form

How to answer Un-Opened questions

Tap on the question and choose a status, add a comment and photo if required (camera top left), then SAVE!

Note: to save ‘Comments’ or ‘Actions’ for future use, type in, tap on the + Saved ‘Comments’ will be listed in the menu next to the +

Navigation tab

Tap on the < Blue Arrows > to move to the next question set, or tap on the ‘Section Name (centre) to show all the template section/s

Using voice recognition

For Android / Windows 10 devices: Open the question, tap on the microphone, and speak clearly, then SAVE
For iOS tap on the microphone within the device keypad

How to use the camera

To attach a photo/s tap on the camera (top left) and take, tap X then SAVE.

Note: photos should be taken in Landscape.

Note: multiple photos can be attached to a question.

To import images from the device, tap on ‘Gallery’ & choose the image.

Note: tap on a photo to enlarge. You can edit the photo caption. Tap on Share to email directly from the app to a colleague or department. 

How to add a Corrective Action

Open the question, tap on ‘Actions’ top right. Type in and tap on the + to save for future use.

Tap SAVE (bottom right) then SAVE top right.

‘Corrective Actions’ can be emailed instantly to a designated email address

How to submit a report

Tap on ‘Export’. To digitally sign tap on ‘Add Signature’ type & ‘Sign’ then ‘Done’ then press ‘Complete’ and ‘Confirm’ the message.

What’s in the top left menu: Search reports

Tap on ‘Search Reports’ to retrieve previously reports; ‘Local’ means the device.

Tap on ‘Online’ and search for reports via the 

database to re-download and ‘Convert’ to new inspections.

What’s in the menu: Dictionary & restore

To build custom answer lists, tap on ‘Dictionary’ ‘Select Category’ ‘Comments’ ‘Subcategory’ here you can type in new ‘Comments’ or ‘Actions’.

Tap on the + type in and SAVE!

Note: you can transfer custom lists from one device to other devices. 

Tap on ‘Backup & Restore’ then ‘Backup Now.

To download the lists onto other devices. Tap on ‘Restore’ ‘Get Restore List’

Note: to use this feature. The Username / Password must be correct.

What’s in the top left menu: Login details

If you have a problem uploading a report. Open the top left ‘Menu’.

 ‘Login Details’ then ‘Test Connection’.

results to show 3 x OK then SAVE!

What’s in the menu: Preferences

Tap on ‘Preferences’ to choose other features then SAVE top right

How to convert a report to a new inspection

Tap on ‘Search Reports’ ‘Showall’ (or search Online) 

tap on the report and ‘Convert data into new report’.

Note: you should untick ‘Copy Photos’ as they will be saved in 

the previous report, and take new photos, ‘Continue’ and SAVE!

How do I edit a PDF emailed back to the device?

To make changes to a PDF report  via the device. Open the App, tap on ‘Search/ Showall’ tap on the report and ‘Open’.

Then go the question you want to update and re-answer, then press ‘Export / Complete’ again.

The PDF can also be edited via the web-portal – login, tap on ‘Report’ and ‘Open Report’ and review. To make any changes, tap on ‘Edit’ and go to the section/s open the question – make the change, then SAVE.

To download the report, tap on ‘Open Report’ and save the file to a folder.

Any questions; call 0844 725 2000 or email