About Us

About Us

At the Inspection Manager, we understand that accurately reporting on your assets is a top priority, which is why we have developed a range of innovative checklist forms and features to help you keep everything you inspect safe and compliant.

We’re committed to continuously improving to develop software that creates meaningful and effective business change. We’re constantly innovating to make sure we’re always where we need to be to meet the changing needs of our clients. Change in business is good. Change in processes creates new opportunities. Change is progress.

property and facilities management inspection mobile app

Our mission is simple – to help you make a progressive business change to simplify the way your assets are reported on. Save time, save money and increase the productivity of your workforce.

property and facilities management inspection mobile app
We’re advocates of technology and the benefits it can bring. Paper checklists are fiddly, difficult to manage, and lack any kind of flexibility. What’s more, you often need to duplicate work unnecessarily. The Inspection Manager app makes reporting on your assets easy.


TIM the Inspection Manager app is a product developed by Inventory Manager Limited. Our inspection apps have been used to complete more than 1.25 million reports, including 100 million photos, all securely stored in the UK.

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1,25 Million

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Your data is securely stored in the UK

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Property & Facilities Management inspections app

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