ECG Facilities Services.

ECG announce further technological advancements, using ‘The Inspection Manager’ app!

Case study

As technology advances at a rapid pace, it is important that ECG capitalizes on such advancements to help ensure we can continually improve the service we provide to our customers.

As such, ECG has introduced the Inspection Manager’s handheld mobile technology, for all site teams to utilise.

TIM’s tablet device software, has an array of features which will greatly support and benefit ECG, our mobile engineering workforce, and our clients, including: Larger screen sizes in full HD – This will allow ECG to easily present more detailed information to our clients on-site.

ECGFS have the specialist skills required to deliver technical solutions on-time and in-budget across a broad range of M&E projects, which in turn has built enviable relationships with our clients based upon outstanding service delivery.